Happy New Year!
Grateful for the past
We have much to be grateful during this past eventful year!  We celebrated 15 years of serving as missionaries at University of MO—St Louis and 6 years at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.
Great time traveling for XA Conference
During the summer we attended a Chi Alpha Campus Missions Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  It was an epic drive during which we got to visit alumni, family and friends  in OK/TX/CO/NE, White Sands National Monument, and the Grand Canyon.
Alumni, Disillusioned with the American Dream, Finds Jesus!
During our trip we met with Kay, one of our UMSL Chi Alpha alumni .  After graduation he got his dream-job: software engineer.  He thought he had reached the epitome of the American dream and that his life was complete. He quickly became disillusioned with the greed and corruption of the corporate world, and started visiting churches.  He got saved, married a beautiful Christian young lady, and has two children.  He said, “Now I understand what you were doing at UMSL.  You were planting seeds!”  “God’s word does not return void….I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation.”
Planting the Seed of the Gospel
We got to plant the seed of the gospel in the heart of hundreds of international and American students at University of MO—St Louis and SIUE.  Thank you so much for being a vital part of this mission through your prayers and support all these years!
Best wishes for the New Year!  The Ames Family
Back: friend from India, Cecile, Bryan. Front: Jeremy, Jonathan, Abigail.
Jeremy, 15, almost as tall as Dad.  Tends to be cheerful like his Mom.  Smiles easily.  Still does not talk (autism).  Needs a miracle.  Thanks for praying!
Abigail, 13, Quite the scholar.  Loves to read.  Expect the delightfully unexpected in conversation.
Jonathan, 12, likes computer games.  Talks in two volumes: loud and asleep.
Journey to the Philippines
Cecile and Abigail journeyed to the Philippines for Cecile’s mom’s eightieth birthday.  God gave them a great time visiting the other side of the world!
Plans for the New Year--A New Adventure
We get to embark on an exciting new adventure!  We have felt led by God to continue serving in Chi Alpha, but at a different location, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA. We will be joining a multi-cultural team of Chi Alpha missionaries at this big campus! VCU has 30,000 students, and many are from the Middle East.  We get to reach them, and equip American students to share about the hope that lies within them to international students from all over the world.  No matter where we serve, we will share the gospel with international students!

We have been so blessed to serve at University of Missouri—St Louis and Southern Illinois University—Edwardsville.  We have had great opportunities to share the gospel with students from all over Europe, Asia, Africa; North, Central and South America.

What some of our Chi Alpha alumni are doing:
  • teaching English as a second language in S. Korea (and assisting with Chi Alpha in S. Korea
  • teaching English in Japan and serving in a church
  • biochemist/researcher (from Madagascar) at Washington University and college ministry leader in the St Louis area
  • businesswoman (from Ghana) in the St Louis area who volunteers to disciple other international students 
  • award-winning journalist at leading publication in S. Korea 
  • vice president of a company in China 
  • professor and Bible study leader in China 
  • software engineer in Oklahoma 
  • businessman in India, and more.  

As we make this transition to serving in Virginia Commonwealth University, we need your help in making this big step.  There are two ways you can help.

1.  Would you give a special year-end gift?  As you give to your charities this end of the year, please remember us as your Chi Alpha missionaries in your generosity. We welcome one-time gifts of any amount, donations range between $100 to $2000. These special gifts will help us with the unique challenges we are facing in 2019.  All gifts are tax deductible.
How to make a special gift: 
1.Give online: go to amesxa.com/give
2. Give via check: make a check out to “Assemblies of God” 
with "Acct 2630457 09" in the memo field (that account number is very important).  

Mail check to:
Chi Alpha 
Attn: Finance Department 
1445 N Boonville Ave 
Springfield, MO 65802

3. Questions?  Call or text me at 314-485-9125.  
You can also e-mail us at amesxa@outlook.com.

Clicking the above button takes you to a website where you can donate to our Chi Alpha mission.  This is handled by the Assemblies of God.
2.  Would you consider, starting, resuming, or increasing a monthly donation?
Like many other non-profit organizations, we are able to give our full-time attention to reaching this pivotal mission field because of people like you supporting us monthly.  We need an increase in the amount we receive monthly so that we can continue this important effort.
Cecile has left her full-time position as a physical therapist to devote more time for family and ministry. God has used us as a ministry team together, and Cecile doing more in Chi Alpha will be a blessing to many. The new higher amount we need to raise is due in part to this new change in our lives.

Would you consider starting or increasing your monthly support to help us reach Virginia Commonwealth University?  We are at 40% of the funds we need to raise monthly. We would like to reach 100% our budget by the end of July 2019 to make this transition.  Most people who support us send their monthly donations ranging from $50 to $200 per month.  Feel free to contribute what is good for you.  Every contribution is makes a difference.

The monthly donation you will send will be used for us to continue to impact university students to make a great influence for God in their countries when they go back or here in the U.S.A.!
We want to
mentor and disciple students to be solid in their walk with Jesus 
be able to go on mission trips with students as another way for them to experience God’s heart for the world
train American students and host families on how to welcome international students to their lives and homes 
use Culture Night events and provision of free food to gather students.  Some students have come to our events just for the food, and with the resulting friendship with us and prayer, they become friends with Jesus (i.e. they get saved, Romans 10:9-10)!  

You can do this online by setting up a recurring monthly gift here.  You can also mail a check according to previous instructions.  Your gift will be handled with integrity by the Assemblies of God, to whom we make financial reports on a consistent basis.  We are excited to be your missionaries to the university!  Thank you!