DISCLAIMER: this information is on our website because some people actually come here looking for it. Other people get horribly offended at the mention of donations. If that’s you, feel free to click something else.  

Giving Online
The easiest way to give by clicking here
(This will take you to the Assembly of God contribution website, which provides a secure way to give online.)
Please put "00" for "Class".  Thanks!
Make a Contribution via the phone
Call 877-840-4800 (9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday)
Our account number: 2630457 00

When giving online or over the phone, you can also set up automatic monthly contributions from your debit card, credit card, or checking account.
Giving Via Check
Make out your check to Assemblies of God and write "Ames XA #2630457 00" in the memo portion of the check.  (Putting this in the memo is important because there are over 300 Chi Alpha groups.)
When making a Faith Promise, please also include this form with your first check.
Then mail to:

Chi Alpha
Attn: Finance Department
1445 N Boonville Ave
Springfield MO 65802-1894

For Assistance

If you need any help, please contact Contributor Services at 877-840‑4800 (8am - 4pm) or contributions@ag.org