How to Make a Monthly Faith Promise
Why make a Monthly Faith Promise?
We are required by Assembly of God US Missions to have a minimum amount of Faith Promises.  We recruit multiple and individuals and churches to partner with us financially to reach this minimum amount.  Faith Promises is a metric that US Missions uses to determine we are doing our job and raising sufficient support.  Have questions about this?  Click here.
Why do we use the word partnerClick here
Become a monthly partner via an online Faith Promise Form

Becoming a monthly partner via e-mail
E-mail message to
Your e-mail should following information:
  1. your name
  2. your phone number
  3. amount of your monthly faith promise
  4. my name and account number
To make it easier to send this e-mail, 
you could also use this online Faith Promise form.
Become a monthly partner via the phone
Call Shirley H at 417-862-2781 ext 3264 9am-4pm (CST)
Shirley will need the following information
  1. your contact information
  2. my name (Bryan Ames)
  3. your Faith Promise Amount
You can also simply send Shirley H. an e-mail message via this online form.
Becoming a monthly partner via conventional mail:
click here