Partners: Together We Can Change the World

Why do we need partners?  We are not paid by a church, Chi Alpha, or the university.  Upon starting this adventure of full-time missions with Chi Alpha, our first assignment is to recruit people who will partner with us financially and prayerfully.  We recruit people and churches who will make a monthly “Faith Promise”.  Click here for more explanation.

DISCLAIMER: this information is on our website because some people actually come here looking for it. Other people get horribly offended at the mention of donations. If that’s you, feel free to click something else.  

The reasons why this is a good investment: what God has been doing and the pivotal nature of the university in our culture and around the world.

To become a partner:
1.Decide how much you would like to give each month
2.Make a Faith Promise
3.Start making your investment by sending a contribution

How do you make a Faith Promise?  Click here.